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This website contains pictures of all the Catholic churches in Portland, Oregon and nearby areas. The pictures load real fast. The site has live audio recordings of actual performances by different choirs. Adobe Flash Player is required to play the songs .

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2015 Lenten Penance/Reconciliation Services

Arranged by date

Date Day Time Church Location Notes
02/27/2015Friday08:00 amSt. IgnatiusSE Portlandafter Mass
03/02/2015Monday07:00 pmSt. IgnatiusSE Portland 
03/04/2015Wednesday07:00 pmAscensionSE Portland 
03/05/2015Thursday07:00 pmOur Lady of LourdesVancouver, Wash. 
03/07/2015Saturday10:00 amSt. AgathaSE Portland 
03/07/2015Saturday10:00 amSt. John the BaptistMilwaukie 
03/10/2015Tuesday07:00 pmSt. RitaNE Portland 
03/10/2015Tuesday07:00 pmSt. Mary's CathedralNW Portland 
03/11/2015Wednesday07:00 pmVisitationVerboort 
03/12/2015Thursday07:00 pmSt. ThereseNE Portland 
03/18/2015Wednesday01:30 pmSt. Anthony of PaduaSE Portland 
03/19/2015Thursday07:00 pmSt. JosephVancouver, Wash. 
03/21/2015Saturday10:00 amSt. Joseph the WorkerSE Portland 
03/24/2015Tuesday07:00 pmSt. HenryGresham 
03/25/2015Wednesday07:00 pmSt. AnneGresham 
03/26/2015Thursday07:00 pmHoly RedeemerVancouver, Wash. 

2015 Lenten Penance/Reconciliation Services

Arranged by Parish

Church Location Date Day Time Notes
AscensionSE Portland03/04/2015Wednesday07:00 pm 
Holy RedeemerVancouver, Wash.03/26/2015Thursday07:00 pm 
Our Lady of LourdesVancouver, Wash.03/05/2015Thursday07:00 pm 
St. AgathaSE Portland03/07/2015Saturday10:00 am 
St. AnneGresham03/25/2015Wednesday07:00 pm 
St. Anthony of PaduaSE Portland03/18/2015Wednesday01:30 pm 
St. HenryGresham03/24/2015Tuesday07:00 pm 
St. IgnatiusSE Portland02/27/2015Friday08:00 amafter Mass
St. IgnatiusSE Portland03/02/2015Monday07:00 pm 
St. John the BaptistMilwaukie03/07/2015Saturday10:00 am 
St. JosephVancouver, Wash.03/19/2015Thursday07:00 pm 
St. Joseph the WorkerSE Portland03/21/2015Saturday10:00 am 
St. Mary's CathedralNW Portland03/10/2015Tuesday07:00 pm 
St. RitaNE Portland03/10/2015Tuesday07:00 pm 
St. ThereseNE Portland03/12/2015Thursday07:00 pm 
VisitationVerboort03/11/2015Wednesday07:00 pm 

Mass and confession schedules in large font. Glaucoma-friendly and cataract-compatible for Mr. Magoo.

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