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Many times in the past I almost shut down this website due to lack of cooperation from the different parishes and/or parishioners. When I created this website in 1997 there was no (as far as I know). There was no and many priests hadn't even heard the word website or world wide web. I was just trying to help even though my technical skills are limited. It's really not my job or responsibility to do this.

I just removed the different schedules, which are the most important feature of this website. They're not accurate anymore. If a parish changes schedule, there's no way for me to know unless somebody tells me. I used to visit 5 parish websites everyday to check if there's a schedule change but I'm not able to do that anymore.

Occasionally I receive email thanking me for what I do and that gives me encouragement and gets me going. I'll put back the schedules someday. I don't know how many days it will take me. One schedule change and I have to change many pages since I don't know php/MySql. I get information from the different parish websites and it drives me crazy. For example, on the home page there's a Mass schedule. They also a have bulletin where the Mass schedule is also listed. And they have a Google calendar and they have a schedule of Masses for ushers and servers and schedule of Masses with intentions. Sometimes I see that these schedules are slightly different from each other. I don't know which one is correct and that drives me crazy.'

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